Be Rewarded When Your Family & Friends Travel With Us

Customer Referral Scheme (for Outbound Travel)

To show the Company’s appreciation to individuals (“Referrers” or “Referrer”) who are not officers or employees of the Company and who may, from time to time, refer individuals or business entities who are not already existing clients of the Company as potential clients to the Company, the Company has in place, until or unless otherwise revised, amended or terminated, a reward scheme governed by terms and conditions as stipulated below:

  1. Payment of SGD80 to the Referrer for each completed trip or travel by a Referred Individual where the land package value per traveller is no less than SGD1,000. “Referred Individual” shall include individuals of business entities referred to the Company.
  1. Where the land package value is less than SGD1,000, the payment shall be SGD40 instead of SGD80.
  1. The scheme is only applicable for adult land package values and not child land package values or discounted/promotional land package values.
  1. In no event, manner or way shall the Referrer make any representation, guarantee or warranty concerning Atlas or Atlas’ products or programs.
  1. In no event, manner or way shall the Referrer represent himself or herself as an agent of the Company unless expressly authorised to do so in writing by the Company.
  1. The Company reserves the sole and absolute discretion to revise or amend the terms of this scheme or terminate the scheme and inform existing Referrers accordingly. The Company also reserves the sole and absolute discretion to remove an existing Referrer from this scheme and inform the Referrer accordingly.