Little India – Probably Singapore’s Most Colourful Ethnic Enclave


Before “Little India” got its current name, it was just known as Serangoon, the name of the main thoroughfare in the area. Whilst the genesis of an Indian enclave in Little India might have started with Indian penal labourers brought in by the British, it was a combination of commerce like the cattle-related businesses – cattle as a mode of transport and also as a source of produce – and the continued importation of Indian labour that led to more Indians settling in the area.

Long story short, as shops and amenities catering to the growing Indian population grew in tandem, an ethnic enclave – Little India – became apparent and continued to grow into what it is today.

Drawn by a racecourse built in the early 1840s, some European families settled in the area; hence the reason why streets in the area bear names such as Dunlop, Cuff, Dickson and Clive. Other street names like (1) Belilios and Desker bear the names of business owners and (2) Buffalo Road and Kerbau (Malay for buffalo) Road are reminders of the cattle-related businesses that once dominated the area.

Little India was gazetted as a conservation area in 1989 and several of its architectural and religious landmarks have been designated by the National Heritage Board as national monuments like the famous Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Apart from its renowned F&B offerings, Little India offers something for everyone be it temples, traditional goods or simply its rich culture and history.

End the tour with a traditional Southern Indian thali meal and drink.

This tour starts at Little India MRT Station and ends at Serangoon Road.

Tour Timing:

Tour Meeting Point:
Little India MRT Station

Minimum 2 persons

Tour without meal
S$50 per person – Group tour
S$250 per group – Private tour (maximum 5 persons per group)
Tour with meal
S$80 per person – Group tour
S$400 per group – Private tour (maximum 5 persons per group)

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Covid-19 Safe Management Measures

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  • Temperature-taking of all tour participants will be done before commencement of tour and any tour participants who appear feverish/unwell will not be allowed to join the tour.
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Little India – Probably Singapore’s Most Colourful Ethnic Enclave