Southern Islands – 5 Islands That Beckon


With long stretches of idyllic beaches and stunning ocean views, the Southern Islands offer a tranquil alternative to the bustle of city life of mainland Singapore. These uninhabited islands are renowned for their rich historical and cultural heritage and no less their rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

To adequately appreciate the 5 islands, time optimization is key and to that end private boat charters are utilised to overcome the limitations of scheduled public ferries in relation to both timings and routings. Distinct advantages in this regard include (1) the ability to spend optimal amounts of time at each island and not having to backtrack like in the instance of being able to depart from Pulau Seringat instead of returning to St John’s Island ferry terminal (the disembarkation point for St John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Seringat-Kias) at the end of the tour, and (2) the ability to appreciate Sisters’ Islands and their lagoons from the waters despite the closure of the public landing jetty at Sisters’ Islands (for repair works by NParks, announced 8 April 2021).

The tour guide, who will be with you for the full duration of the tour, will walk you through the key attractions of all the 5 islands – Sisters’ Island, Kusu Island, St John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Seringat-Kias. Sisters’ Island is renowned for its marine biodiversity – in itself an attraction that draws visitors on intertidal tours. Kusu Island, aka Tortoise Island, is renowned in particular for its religious and sacred sites. St John’s Island, the largest of the Southern Islands, has a 2.8km Island Trail that allows you to appreciate, enroute, the island’s rich history (as a quarantine station/penal settlement/drug rehab centre) as well as its various ecosystems and wildlife – mangroves, coastal forests, intertidal zones, turtles and herons to name but a few. Lazarus Island is renowned for its beautiful lagoon and as a go-to place for water sports enthusiasts. Seringat-Kias is known for its seagrasses and the marine life associated with it.

This tour starts and ends at Marina South Pier.

Visit to 5 islands (cruise to and around Sisters’ Islands due to temporary closure of jetty)
Food pack & snacks
Private chartered boat transfers
English-speaking licensed guide
Curated tour with guided commentaries throughout

Tour Timing:
9am – 4pm

Tour Meeting Point:
Marina South Pier, Cruise Terminal

Minimum 4 persons

S$170 per person – Group tour
S$800 per group – Private tour (1-5 persons per group)
S$970 per group – Private tour (6-8 persons per group)

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Covid-19 Safe Management Measures

  • A pre-tour briefing will be conducted and we will encourage tour participants to use the TraceTogether app/device.
  • Temperature-taking of all tour participants will be done before commencement of tour and any tour participants who appear feverish/unwell will not be allowed to join the tour.
  • The group will be separated into sub-groups of not more than the prevailing social gathering group limit.
  • Sub-groups will maintain a safe distance of at least 1m from each other, and no intermingling will be allowed.
  • Tour participants, guides and drivers will be required to wear protective face mask at all times during the tour.
  • To avoid speaking loudly and thereby reducing speech-generated droplets, the tour guide will use an audio tour guide system during the tour.
  • For tours with conveyance, tour participants are required to keep to the same seats throughout the tour and/or whilst commuting between destinations.
Southern Islands – 5 Islands That Beckon