Western Islands & Pulau Hantu


The tour begins with a cruise to the iconic Raffles Lighthouse, Singapore’s 2nd oldest lighthouse which has been in function since 1855. The lighthouse is on Pulau Satumu, the southernmost island off the Singapore mainland and almost at the maritime boundary between Singapore and Indonesia.

Leaving West Coast Pier (the starting point) and enroute to the lighthouse, to the right is Jurong Island, a conglomeration of 7 islands the genesis and continual development of which are inextricably linked to Singapore’s success as a petroleum and petrochemical processing hub. Further offshore are the Western Islands of Pulau Sudong, Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang (all 3 being military exercise grounds with Sudong even having a military airfield), and Pulau Semakau (Singapore’s waste management landfill and also the world’s first ecologically-minded offshore landfill).

The tour continues on to Pulau Hantu. Thanks to its inviting beaches and lagoons and rich marine biodiversity, apart from it being a popular destination for intertidal tours, Pulau Hantu is popular with day-trippers escaping the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy a quiet spot in the sun for a picnic and engage in swimming or snorkelling activities in the waters around the 2 Hantu islands – Hantu Besar and Hantu Kechil. (For safety reasons, swimming and snorkelling activities should be within the sheltered lagoons except for experienced swimmers.)  

Before tour participants go about their own activities at Pulau Hantu, there will be a guided walkaround of Hantu Besar with commentaries on not only Pulau Hantu but also the other Western Islands and especially Pulau Bukom with its imposing oil refining and storage facilities!

This tour starts and ends at West Coast Pier.

English-speaking licensed guide
Chartered boat transfers
Cruise around the Western Islands and Raffles Lighthouse
Visit to Pulau Hantu

Tour Timing:
12pm – 4pm

Tour Meeting Point:
West Coast Pier

Minimum 8 persons

S$120 per person – Group tour (Sunday)

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Covid-19 Safe Management Measures

  • A pre-tour briefing will be conducted and we will encourage tour participants to use the TraceTogether app/device.
  • Temperature-taking of all tour participants will be done before commencement of tour and any tour participants who appear feverish/unwell will not be allowed to join the tour.
  • The group will be separated into sub-groups of not more than the prevailing social gathering limit.
  • Sub-groups will maintain a safe distance of at least 1m from each other, and no intermingling will be allowed.
  • Tour participants, guides and drivers will be required to wear protective face mask at all times during the tour.
  • To avoid speaking loudly and thereby reducing speech-generated droplets, the tour guide will use an audio tour guide system during the tour.
  • For tours with conveyance, tour participants are required to keep to the same seats throughout the tour and/or whilst commuting between destinations.

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Western Islands & Pulau Hantu